Two days of quality learning and networking gathered together leading gambling experts revealing a quality report on the activity of the industry in the Eastern and Central European counties. The content of EEGS 2019 included specially designed panel discussions about industry trends that shape the business, such eSports and Virtual Sports, the practical use of AI in gaming industry, Blockchain technologies & Crypto currencies impact on the industry, Cyber security issues and solutions, gaming tourism and many more.
Despite the fact that Artificial Intelligence has not been fully implemented on a large scale yet, AI is already having an impact on the gambling industry. “The Artificial Intelligence is a tool to solve difficult problems. If you collect developed data this technology may think of thousands dimensions that our mind are not able to think of and come with the solution“ Assi Isac, Senior Product Owner, William Hill and panelist at the AI discussion panel commented. “To get a great use of the Artificial Intelligence you must have two things: relevant data and enough data. This is the only way for accurate results” Mr. Isac added.
Several years ago, crypto gambling was a breath of fresh air for many in the industry. Today, players have a variety of payment methods to choose from, including payments in Crypto Currencies. “This technology will change the future of IGaming” Oron Barber, CEO of CoinPoint and moderator at Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies panel commented.
Could E-sports be the future of all sports was also among the fascinating topics to discuss.
“The sector has to prove that its stability” Dr. Holger Jakob, head of Legal of G2 Esports and panelist from the panel Esports and Virtual Sports Rising explained. “Availability is what is driving Esports and Virtual Sports ahead” Carlos Silva, Sales Director of Highlight Games and panelist from the same discussion panel added.
The keynote presentations by experts who are knowledgeable on both the gaming industry and today’s top issues also provided gaming professionals with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain invaluable insights on the future of gaming.
Overall the two-days quality discussions have proved that gaming professionals are optimistic about the future of the gaming industry and the future success of their companies.
This year’s edition of one of the leading gaming conference in the region, brought together 50 speakers and 200+ delegates from different countries who learned and networked with like-minded industry professionals. At the end of the conference attendees were asked about their experience at EEGS 2019. Nine out of ten (90 percent) said that EEGS totally satisfied their expectations regarding learning and networking and nearly four out of five (79 percent) confirmed that they gained a new perspective about the gaming industry from attending the conference.