EEGS 2018 will take place on 20-21 November at Inter Expo Center, Sofia

Eastern European Gaming Summit is the most prestigious forum in the gaming industry in Eastern Europe. EEGS calls together experts and professionals from the land based and online gaming, leisure and tourism sectors around the world to share information, experience and ideas. While some of the attendees are curiously observing the gaming industry in South Eastern Europe, we truly believe that we have also something to suggest to those, interested in the latest developments from the rest of Europe, US, Russia and even Asia.
The conference is organized by the Bulgarian Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI).


Highlights from EEGS 2017


  • • EEGS Masterclass 2017 focused on the currently hot topic for the gaming industry "Player Profiles and Behavior of Millennials". The training helped all participants gain important knowledge about the needs and interests of the Millennials when it comes to the gaming industry.
  • • The IMGL Masterclass shed light on the latest trends in online marketing, focusing on affiliates, insertion orders and other issues that are relevant to the future of the affiliate marketing in the gaming industry.
  • • On the second day of EEGS during the Global Gaming Women Lunch, all guests had the opportunity to hear advices from some of the most successful women in the industry and learn more about their Lean in Circle project.
Check out more information about EEGS 2017 here.


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