EEGS Masterclass, the first industry tailored professional classes, already gained popularity and interest among industry representatives since it was first time presented in 2008. Continuing collaboration with The Bulgarian Human Resources Management and Development Association (BHRMDA) as well as other training organisations gave an exclusive possibility to get acquainted to various professional training centers in Bulgaria and to start forming regular schedule of trainings for the upcoming year. Annual industry survey made among industry representatives during the yearly seminar organized in April, 2012 gave guidelines regarding the most searchable topics for the educational sessions, among which are Marketing, Loyalty programs, Analysis of results, Security and video surveillance, Finance. Human resources, Soft skills, Staff Motivation and Customer service were among the topics in high demand among the industry.

    • November, 2019 – “GDPR” with Diana Karaivanova
    • November, 2018 – “Opportunities and challenges in the digital marketing of the gaming industry” with Justine Toms, Gennadiy Vorobyov, Georgi Kandev  
    • November, 2017 – Training on the topic “Player Profiles and Behavior of Millennials” with Minze Zwerver.
    • November, 2016 – Training on the topic “Casino Marketing – The Sequel ” with Arjan Korstjens. Photos you may find on Facebook.
    • November, 2015 – Training on the topic “Casino Marketing and Communications” with Arjan Korstjens. Photos you may find on Facebook.
    • September, 2014 – Training program “Work with gaming equipment and customer service”. Speaker: Nuri Bilgech
    • October, 2013 – Workshop “Casino Management Systems”. Speakers: Attila Torok, Laurus Invest Hungary Kft. and Louis J. Vilardo, Today’s Business Computers, Inc.
    • April, 2013 – “Motivation through leadership”. Efficient staff management as a successful business strategy in times of crisis.” Photos you may find on Facebook.
    • October, 2012 – as a part of the 5th Eastern European Gaming Summit, EEGS Masterclass was introduced in collaboration with The Slot Academy on topic “Lessons from abroad. How to prepare for the server based environment”.
    • October, 2011 – Training workshopс “Attracting and retaining customers. Customer psychology“, “Management skills – managing and motivating staff” Business Training Center „Arthur Adams“. Photos you may find on Facebook.
    • April, 2011 – Training seminar “Psychological approaches to the prevention of problem gaming and dealing with problem behavior”
    • October, 2010 – Training workshop “Effective Staff Management“, Business Training Center „Arthur Adams“. Photos you may find on Facebook.
    • October, 2010 – Training workshop “Psychology of the Customer Service“ , Business Training Center „Arthur Adams“
    • October, 2009 – Training Program with an in-depth analysis with a case study “How do you optimize the layout & machine mix in your casino?“, The Slot Academy. Photos you may find on Facebook.
    • October, 2009 – Workshop “Increase profits by 10% in 30 days“ , International Casino Monitoring