In 5 years there would be technologies available that are far beyond our expectation

The new technology’s impact on the gaming industry and how they influence the regulatory frames in the countries were among the topics, discussed during the 10th anniversary edition of the Eastern European Gaming Summit, held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Over 50 lecturers in tens of panels discussed the themes and made a comprehensive analysis on the current and future regulatory updates, sharing their thoughts on the new expectations in the online gaming market, the marketing tools, the tourism and gaming, the casino management systems. Over 200 professionals visited the conference and took part in the discussions.

The first day was focused on the new technologies and their influence on the industry. As all have agreed, technology is evolving exponentially and from one year to another, new technologies present what was unthinkable until now. So, in five years there would be technologies available that are far beyond our expectations. The conclusion was that investing in technologies, for example related to Virtual Reality is equal to “making a sure bet”.

The speakers were united that they would like to see gambling companies eager to implement new technologies in order to make sure they are competitive on the market. The question was related to the preferences of the young customers that are expecting new types of games – real skill games and real social games, eSports and DFS being among the key ways to focus the attention of new generations on betting.

Furthermore, the advantages of Blockchain for betting was emphasized on as the technology provides higher speed for lower costs and risks.

Anchor How the new technologies are influencing the regulatory frame was the main topic, discussed during the second day of the conference (21 November). The comprehensive analysis was made by speakers from Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic, who explained the specifics of the regulations in their countries.

Highlights from EEGS 2017

  • EEGS Masterclass 2017 focused on the currently hot topic for the gaming industry “Player Profiles and Behavior of Millennials”. The training helped all participants gain important knowledge about the needs and interests of the Millennials when it comes to the gaming industry.

  • The IMGL Masterclass shed light on the latest trends in online marketing, focusing on affiliates, insertion orders and other issues that are relevant to the future of the affiliate marketing in the gaming industry.

  • On the second day of EEGS during the Global Gaming Women Lunch, all guests had the opportunity to hear adviced from some of the most successful women in the industry and learn more about their Lean in Circle project.




EEGS Masterclass