BEGE&EEGS Career Center is looking for enthusiastics,

which will join our Marketing team!


 If you are interested, send your CV at:


The data, which you provide is considered as Personal Data and will be treated accordingly. We will store it only for the period of the campaign and then will be erased. Only successful candidates will be contacted.


Volunteer Program 

Inter Expo center, Sofia

Do you want to join the biggest gaming events in Europe?

career center


Become a volunteer to:

  • Gain experience in the event management                                  
  • Make useful contacts
  • Get know-how from the experts
  • Access free to all of the lectures and panels
  • Participate the Gaming StartUp Challenge
  • Add value to your CV
  • Have fun at the EEGS and BEGE Parties

Choose from activities as: 

  1. Interview speakers and exhibitors
  2. Technical support 
  3. Registration
  4. Support:
  • BEGE Party and Awards 
  • EEGS Networking Party
  • Gaming StartUp Challenge

               5. Newsletters and social media content

The perfect volunteer is the one who

  • is a student or have graduated university in: Marketing, Journalism, Media and communications, or another field in common.

  • has excellent spoken and written English (B2+)

  • has excellent communication skills

  • is а team player

  • has good writing skills and look good on camera ( for positions 1 and 5)



 Do you know that:
  • The gaming industry in Bulgaria is one of the most progressive businesses
  • The annual income is more than 120 million BGN.

    Visit our Career Center  during BEGE 2022!

    Bring your CV!

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