Vladan Blagojevic was born in 1996 in Banja Luka and earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Business Management PIM in Banja Luka. With a wealth of esports experience behind him, he has been directly involved in hosting more than 100 online and offline esports tournaments.

As founder and CEO of esports event organizer & producer Thunder Media, a completely self-funded company, Vladan led the company for two years of six-figure profits.

Vladan took on Oddin.gg’s marketing projects in February 2022. He is in charge of events and awards presence strategy, as well as media and content strategy. In cooperation with the product team, he advises on developing and promoting new products and services. He also works closely with the business development department on partnership strategy and execution.

With a passion for video games, Vladan enjoyed a brief career as a semi-professional CSGO player for the Norwegian team Gatekeepers.

He regularly speaks on topics around the esports eco-system and esports betting at industry conferences such as SIGMA, Hipther and others.