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Rossi McKee is the Vice President at Casino Technology, a global provider of casino products and technology solutions for the gaming industry. She is in charge of the worldwide marketing and international business development strategies for Casino Technology.

In her 20-years experience in the gaming industry, she has been responsible for various projects related to the launching of new brands, new products and operations, and development of new markets. Rossi McKee is one of the founders of BTAMOGI, an honorable member of the Association, and currently heads International Affairs and relations development for the Association. McKee serves on the Advisory Board of BEGE, and is member of the Editorial Council of Game Spectrum magazine. She actively participates in various industry initiatives and speaks on international industry forums. Rossi McKee is also president of AvantX Technologies, marketing consulting company offering services to non-gaming companies. Mrs. McKee is EMBA graduate from Georgia State University, holds MD degree, PMP and PhD in Marketing.