Rossi McKee is an entrepreneur, investor and owner of group of companies focused on online and land-based gaming, digital technologies and Web 3.0. As a co-founder and vice president of Telematic Interactive, CT Interactive and CT Gaming she oversees the Company’s global strategy and operation. Her gaming background and experience has been instrumental in opening new markets and leading the expansion in South and North America. Market acquisition for the online gaming and betting vertical are currently in focus as she seeks opportunities and builds partnerships, increasing the number of live markets and driving sales efforts in the region. Her attention is keenly focused on new trends and players change as new disruptive technologies are being launched and adopted by the gaming industry. New business initiatives for next year involve the development and launch of NFT and cryptocurrency platform that will boost engagement and deliver more interactive experience for players. Rossi McKee is a speaker at many international events and conferences. Pioneering the project Play Responsibly, she was the voice of the industry since 2008, leading multiple events and activities with industry members and the government. She is an Honorary Chair of the Association of the Gaming Industry (AGIB) in Bulgaria and one of the founders of the Responsible Gaming Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on protection of players and prevention of problem gambling. As a member of the International Women’s Organization, she is also frequently invited to mentor women, and participate in Women in Gaming initiative. Rossi McKee is an EMBA graduate from Georgia State University. She holds MD, PhD in Marketing, and PHP from Boston University.