Аfter a two year absence due to the pandemic the EEGS conference is back with rich content and panel sessions, and the accompanying Masterclass promises to be the star of the event.

The topic of this year’s class is Responsible Gaming. It will be held on November 21st at club Black and White, Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia.
Our guest speakers will cover every aspect of the subject, they are acknowledged experts in the field and are of the highest caliber possible and are from internationally recognized organizations.
Our lecturers are:

PIETER REMMERS, European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG)
He is a veteran in the area of responsible gaming, consultancy and training of gambling industry professionals. He is involved in projects since 1989. Starting his career as the head of an outpatient clinic he served as managing director of Jellinek Consultancy since the early 1990s. He also runs his own company Assissa Consultancy Europe working on responsible gaming policies and projects in a number of countries all over the world. The co-chair of the gambling section of ICAA (International Council on Alcohol and other Addictions) and EASG Board member (European Association for the Study of Gambling).His topic is: More than 30 years on and still a lot to do. RG in perspective. Observations from a Boomer.

Anton Mihov, CEO, Palms Merkur Casino, member of Responsible Gaming Foundation will present on the topic Gambling Addiction: Myths, Facts and Possibilities!

Svetoslav Kirilov, therapeutic director and member of “Solidarity”, clinical psychologist, “Solidarnost” Association for Rehabilitation of Addicted People

Marina Popova, psychologist and family consultant at “Solidarnost” Association for Rehabilitation of Addicted People will have a presentation on the topic:Factors for occurrence of gambling addiction in risky players and the signs of the addiction. The role of prevention for reducing the risk of developing a gambling addiction, as well as an workshop module during the event.