A 45-year experience businessman and having worked as executive in corporation management, product development and, for the last ten years as advisor and consultant in the gaming industry, both in-person and via interactive channels. He graduated in Management studies; Marketing and organization behavior; Quantitative Methods and Operations management; Economics and Finance by Emmanuel College (University of Cambrigde); MBA/JD Join program degree (LMBA) by the University of Maryland, USA; New Technologies applied to Gaming and Entertainment by the UNLV University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA.

He has more than 15-year experience in online gaming, strategy planning, product and business development, Implementation, and restructuration of gaming corporations; regulation making for in-person and online gaming via interactive channels.

He has CEO, General Director, and stockholder of the gaming corporations in several European countries and currently he works as advisor and consultant at Inteligent Gaming company and has more than 30 projects.