Denitsa Alexieva speaker size 240 x 300

With more than 10 years of experience in communication, Denitza is the Head of Marketing at CoinPoint Group Inc, managing the strategies for a wide range of blockchain companies and overseeing the development of the group’s media portfolio.
Denitza has significant international experience working for top communication, PR and digital agencies, and spent almost 7 years with the biggest and most popular media group in Bulgaria, Nova Broadcasting Group, part of MTG Global.
Denitza has always been attracted by innovative technologies and joining the crypto and blockchain world came as no surprise. She has already been in charge of successful campaigns for more than 20 blockchain and iGaming projects.
CoinPoint Group Inc is a premium blockchain marketing group with a diversified portfolio of clients across the globe. The strategic office locations in Europe and Asia-Pacific provide access to the biggest online, blockchain and and iGaming markets.