The initiator of Eastern European Gaming Summit is The Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry /BTAMOGI/, which was established in 1992 as an independent, voluntary non-profit organization that comprises individuals and companies producing gaming equipment and/or operating gambling facilities and related activities. BTAMOGI’s membership includes individuals who have experience in managing gaming halls and casinos for over 15 years. 

Besides EEGS, BTAMOGI is the initiator of annual international exhibition - Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) as well as the magazine for the gaming and entertainment industry on the Balkans and Eastern Europe – Game Spectrum, which from the beginning of 2010 is accessible online.



In 5 years there would be technologies available that are far beyond our expectation

The new technology's impact on the gaming industry and how they influence the regulatory frames in the countries were among the topics, discussed during the 10th anniversary edition of the Eastern European Gaming Summit, held in Sofia, Bulgaria....read more



The most beneficial edition of Eastern European Gaming Summit took place in Sofia 

The ninth Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS), held in Sofia, Bulgaria at the end of November, was the most successful and beneficial of all editions of the conference according to the feedback received from its regular delegates. EEGS has once again proven to be the nexus linking experts, professionals, representatives of land-based and online gaming. Organised by the Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI), the summit aroused an extraordinary interest from the representatives of the industry. Around 200 visitors and more took part in conference’s panels and discussions that got together more than 60 seasoned experts....read more



The Eastern European Gaming Summit has once again led the technological trends in the gaming business 

The traditional  Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) held on the end of November, in Inter Expo Center, Sofia, for the 8th consecutive year became a hot spot for discussions and current gaming trends presentations. Experts, professionals, international associations representatives from offline and online gaming and tourism industry as well as national regulators from around the world chose Sofia in order to discuss the latest trends and topics of the gaming industry. EEGS is organized by the Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the gaming industry (BTAMOGI) and since its first edition in 2008 it has become a networking and discussion nexus in Eastern Europe...read more



Bulgaria has potential to become a regional leader in the online gaming

Bulgaria has a serious potential to become a leader in the online gaming industry in Central and Eastern Europe. This opinion was shared by leading experts and representative of international organization at the Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS), which was held in Sofia between 20 and 21 October.....read more



The 6th anniversary edition of the EEGS brought together experts from gaming industry discussed the challenges and opportunities in the Balkans

This year Bulgaria is countring already sixth autumns since the Eastern European Gaming Summit announced the dates for the first international conference dedicated to the gaming industry on the Balkans.

While some of attendees were curiously observing the gaming industry in the South Eastern Europe, we truly believe that there was also something to suggest to those, interested in latest developments from the rest of Europe, US and even Russia....read more



The 5th anniversary edition of the EEGS had a great success and a record number of participants in Sofia

For the 5th year in Sofia was held Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS). As a tradition, the forum gathered representatives of the most important international organizations from the gaming industry in Europe and the world.

They discussed all the current topics from the sector focused on the new legislations in Bulgaria and the other European countries, which regulate the changes related to the new technological tendencies in the industry including: server-based environment, online gambling, sport betting, etc... read more



Online gaming on the focus of the 4th edition of the Eastern European Gaming Summit held under the aegis of EUROMAT

The latest trends and regulatory changes in the land based and online gaming were discussed during the Eastern European Gaming Summit, held on 17 October 2011, just a few days after the signing of the new draft of the Bulgarian Gambling Law at the Council of Ministers was announced and its expected voting in Parliament.... read more



A Deserved success for the 3rd BEGE Expo and EEGS 2010

For the third year the program of the Eastern European Gaming Summit had presence of the top specialists from international consultant companies, national and international institutions including Bulgarian Institute of Metrology and Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling. The Summit was opened by Kaloyan Krastev, the Chairman of the Commission.

Traditionally on focus were the Eastern European countries, presented by the Gaming Associations of Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, Austria, Germany and Poland. Changes in the regulatory environment, outlining the challenges and opportunities, which the industry of every country has experienced in 2010 were reviewed and forecasts for the upcoming years were made....read more



The 2nd Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) and the 2nd Eastern European Gaming Summit have earned much praise from attendees and industry professionals

For the second successive year, as an initiative of the Bulgarian Trade Association of the Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI) and under the patronage of Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling, the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo and the Eastern European Gaming Summit were held on 5-7 October in Sofia.. The list of exhibitors included 50 companies representing more than 15 countries including Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Russia, Canada, Dubai, Great Britain, USA, Greece and Poland. Among the exhibitors were 10 leading world companies, including Casino Technology, the largest Bulgarian based manufacturer....read more



Glimpse in the future – first Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo (BEGE) and the first Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS)

At the same time with the trade show washeld the 1st Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) for gaming and entertainment industry allowing visitors to enjoy all the benefits of both the trade exposition and the seminars . There were presented and discussed the main topics of the day connected with the regulatory framework, as well as the development of business environment and the implementation of new technologies in the in the industry....read more