EEGS Affiliate Webinar

EEGS Affiliate Webinar: Unveiling the Power of Media Buying in Gaming Affiliate Marketing

The recent EEGS Affiliate Webinar, held on May 15th, 2024 brought together media buyers, affiliates, gaming enthusiasts, and marketing professionals for an insightful exploration of Media Buying’s role in the ever-evolving landscape of gaming affiliate marketing.

The session featured industry expert André Machado, Head of Publishers Relations and Affiliation at Sportradar. Machado shared his expertise on “The Relevance of Media Buying Activity in the Affiliate Space.”

The webinar delved into the key aspects of Media Buying, equipping attendees with actionable strategies to maximize their success. “Media Buying has become a powerful tool for affiliates, unlocking significant earning potential,” said André Machado.

During the webinar, key topics were explored for effective media buying in the gaming affiliate space, including understanding target audiences, selecting impactful channels, crafting compelling creatives, and optimizing for strong ROI.

“In the fast-paced world of iGaming, digital marketing is the key to unlocking success. Operators are increasingly turning to automation technology to scale their campaigns and streamline their marketing processes. This allows for a deeper understanding of target audiences through data analysis, enabling the selection of the most impactful media buying channels to reach gamers,” explained Adnré Machado.

All attendees of the EEGS webinar obtained a Certificate of Attendance, recognizing their commitment to advancing knowledge in the iGaming field!

You can watch the whole webinar from the link here: