Supporting Associations

logoeng_0.jpgBTAMOGI, the Bulgarian Trade Association of the Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry, is one of the pioneering gaming industry associations in the region. Established in 1992, BTAMOGI participates closely in the process of promoting and implementing among its members' high industry standards, strict regulatory compliance and high ethical principles. The Principals and members of the association were closely involved in the discussions with the regulators in the process of formation and introduction of the regulatory frame, and later on, the Gaming Law in Bulgaria. BTAMOGI is a member of EUROMAT (European Gaming and Amusement Federation -, and is also an associated member and actively interacts with various gaming associations internationally.

imgl_logo.gif International Masters of Gaming Law is the pre-eminent global gambling law networking and educational organization shaping the future of Gaming Law.  Our members are specialists in many gambling sectors – Compliance; Cross Border Regulation; iGaming; Legislative Affairs; Education; Lotteries; Taxation; Terrestrial Gambling; and Wagering. IMGL is at the forefront of the latest developments in international gambling law– with two in-depth conferences, plus member receptions and programs at international gaming events each year.  IMGL publishes four magazines and the UNLV Gaming Law Journal.  Find out more at



The Remote Gambling Association is the largest online gambling trade association in the world, representing the world’s largest licensed and stock market-listed remote gambling operators and software provider’s .The organisation provides the remote gambling industry with a single voice on all issues of importance to regulators, legislators, and key decision-makers. 


Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers is an international trade association representing manufacturers and suppliers of electronic gaming devices, systems, table games, key components and support products and services for the gaming industry. AGEM works to further the interests of gaming equipment suppliers throughout the world. Through political action, trade show partnerships, information dissemination and good corporate citizenship, the members of AGEM work together to create benefits for every company within the organization. Together, AGEM has assisted regulatory commissions and participated in the legislative process to solve problems and create a business environment where AGEM members can prosper while providing a strong level of support to education and responsible gaming initiatives.

The mission of Global Gaming Women (GGW) is to support the development and success of women in the international gaming industry through education, mentorship and networking opportunities. GGW brings together women from all segments of gaming in an effort to enrich their professional and personal lives. GGW was established to create a broad network that allows peers to connect with their colleagues. The goal is for female gaming professionals to learn from one another, create lasting connections and nurture emerging women leaders.  In 2016, Global Gaming Women launched as an independent charitable organization to deliver high impact programs and events on a global scale that support, inspire, and influence the development of women in the gaming and lottery industry.


Association of Gambling Providers Association of Gambling Providers was founded with goals such as improvement of overall business standards of this industry in Serbia, increasement of awareness about necessity for corporate social responsibility and to build the Association as a credible partner and interlocutor to cooperate with respective state institutions in legislative area of gaming industry. Members of AGP are some of the largest gambling companies in Serbia, covering together over 50 percents of market share.


asom_en_logo_re_0.jpgMacedonian Sports Betting Association is established for: 

- Promotion of industry gaming in betting ; 
- Developing and promoting the world's top contemporary standards and games of chance; 
- Educating players in the betting by organizing various activities for the necessity to respect and implement the laws and rules of the games of chance in betting; 
- Improving and advancing to the legal provisions in the field of games of chance in betting; 
- Providing advice and education of players in the betting for the exercise of rights during games of chance in betting; 
- Improving the quality of services provided by the organizers of games of chance in betting; 
- Promotion of games of chance in betting in the country;

JAKTA, the Association of Gaming Organizers, authorized Technicians and Producers of Gaming Equipment in Serbia, was established on 19th of August 2005, and has 47 members. We are primarily dealing with slot machines and betting problems, as well as with authorized technicians that received licenses for technical equipment overview. When a new Law of Games of Chance was brought, in July 2004, there was need to establish an association which could secure best possible work condition in cooperation with Ministry of Finance, Games of Chance’s Board and Institute for measures and precious metals. According to official info from the Board, there are approximately 21000 slot machines on the market, 14500 of which operate in the framework of JAKTA Association, representing almost 70% of total legal slot machines. There are approximately 1760 betting places, 640 of which belong to JAKTA members.


The Romanian Association of Gaming Organizers and Producers (A.O.P.J.N.R.) was established in 1995 and is the first such association occurred in Romania, since its foundation confronting with many issues related to this new kind of economical activity. At a present it includes 55 gaming organizers from Romania who own licenses for gaming machines or bingo into a hall and who represent approximately 35% from the authorized equipment total within these areas. Since 2005 A.O.P.J.N.R is a member of EUROMAT /European Gaming and Amusement Federation/. The A.O.P.J.N.R. purpose is to support its members in order to unfold the activity according to the legal provisions and under the terms of efficiency and profitability. During the activity, A.O.P.J.N.R. will control the defense and the promotion of the professional, economical and juridical interests of its members.


Croatian Association of Automat Clubs works in the Republic of Croatia, and in order to achieve the objectives, the Association performs activities of monitoring work, solving specific problems faced by organizers of the games of chance at the automatic machine clubs, pointing members of the Association to any irregularities and the demand for work in accordance with legal regulations and rules of the profession, the monitoring of state bodies and civil servants responsible for the machine clubs, and taking specific measures to point out any irregularities, proposing measures or legislative changes in accordance with the needs and rights and the provisions of the EU etc.


The Bulgarian Human Resources Management and Development Association - BHRMDA is a non-governmental organization established to support and develop professionals in the human resource management and development area and to raise the status of the profession as a whole. BHRMDA is a member of the European Association for Personnel Management (EAPM) and of the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA). Established in July 2000, currently the association has more than 650 individual and corporate members who work in the area of human resources management and development as company managers, human resource managers in Bulgarian and multinational companies, banks, public administration, training and development managers, HR consultants, and university lecturers. 


The National Association for Spa and Wellness Tourism /NASТ/ is nationwide represented tourist association with non-economic goal, registered in the National Tourist Register of the Republic of Bulgaria. NAST is the first Spa Association in Bulgaria founded on 30.10.2004 in Velingrad by Spa Hotel Owners, as well as by main representatives of companies directly or indirectly involved in the Spa Industry, all of them sharing one and the same idea of establishing a clear Spa Concept in Bulgaria.
The NAST members are four and five-starts Spa Hotels and Resorts, Spa vacation villages, having the capacity of over 8 500 beds altogether, Spa Treatment Studios, Spa Centre Chains, know-how companies, Spa and Wellness Equipment producers and sales representatives , Spa cosmetics and wellness equipment and accessories, Spa experts and therapy consultants , and tour operators.
The Mission, Vision and Goals of NAST are as follows:
• To unify and represent the NAST members interests;
• To make Bulgaria a popular and attractive tourist destination in Europe and worldwide. To elate the prestige of Bulgarian Spa and Wellness Industry, to advance the spa and wellness industry as attraction for future investments and business partnerships;
• To create the most favorable climate and conditions for development and coordination of advancement of the Spa and Wellness industry and all economic activities related to the Spa world;
• To represent the mutual business interests of Spa and Wellness and related to that industry all economic activities and initiatives to the mass media and public institutions in Bulgaria, as well as on the international and global level with similar organizations in the country and abroad;
• To create best conditions for establishing partnerships on regional, national and international/ global level;
• To organize, materialize and also take part in national and international events and forums and enhance the cooperation between various countries in the field of Spa and Wellness Tourism.

The Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association was established in 1993 as a non-profit organization. The main objective of the association during the 15 years of its existence has always been to sustain the development of hotel and restaurant business as well as to support private enterprise and the tourism sector in Bulgaria as a whole. Among the scores of associate members of the association are leading Bulgarian companies, producers and partners in Bulgaria’s tourist industry. BHRA works together with scores of state and public organizations in Bulgaria – the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, the Ministry of Culture, the State Agency for Tourism, various parliament commissions, the National Tourism Council, the Bulgarian Tourist Chamber, the Bulgarian Association of Tourist Agencies, the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism, the Bulgarian Association for Rural and Ecological Tourism, the Association of Tourism Operators and Tourist Agencies, the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Varna, the Council for Tourism, the Bulgarian Association for Balneological Tourism, the Tourist Association “Stara Planina” and the Bulgarian Association of Professional Cooks.


Bulgarian Web Association (BWA) is a branch association, representing the interests of the web companies and professionals in Bulgaria. Now Bulgarian Web Association (BWA) is the only association with activities directed to the benefit and defense of legal entities and natural bodies, working on design, arrangement, organization, realization and hosting of Internet sites, web design and Internet advertisement. All the Bulgarian Web Association (BWA) activities are in service of the interests of the Bulgarian web market, operating in conditions of free economy.

Since it was founded in 1980, the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA) has provided a relevant, collaborative forum for discussing key issues that affect global gaming today. Supported by a membership that includes the industry’s leading attorneys, senior executives, financial advisors, regulators, consultants and academics, IAGA hosts numerous conferences and special events each year where attendees participate in rich discussion about industry topics and trends, benefit from valuable networking opportunities and gain vital education.




Spectrum Gaming Group is an independent, globally respected research and professional services firm serving public- and private-sector clients since 1993. Spectrum brings wide industry perspective to every engagement, having worked in in 47 countries. Employing renowned experts in every facet of the gaming industry, Spectrum serves state and national governments, casino operators, regulators, developers, investors, law firms, and other gaming-related professionals and stakeholders. Our services include market analyses, feasibility studies, regulatory consulting and due-diligence services. We do not tell clients necessarily what they want to hear; we tell them what they need to know. Spectrum has offices in Atlantic City, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo. is the most trafficked gambling industry news site with an average of over 100k unique users and 300k page views a month. We cover the global gambling industry from Las Vegas to Macau to Australia and everywhere in between. Our readers are a unique mix industry professionals, gamblers and media looking to stay on top of this fast moving industry. If you’re interested in raising your brands awareness in the global gambling industry, please contact us and we’ll customise a package suited to your needs.

GamblingCompliance is the leading provider of independent legal, regulatory and business intelligence to the global gambling industry. Trusted by leading names all over the world, our independent analysis of legal and policy developments helps power more informed understanding and effective decision making. Find out more at 



Virtual 3IT Reality Ltd, is a company that focuses on the sales, marketing and distribution of innovative technology products for the gaming, hospitality and technology industries in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans. Furthermore, the firm can represent or provide support and consulting services to other companies of the same industry that want to establish their business in the above mentioned regions. At Virtual 3IT Reality Ltd, we possess extensive hands-on experience that combined with our regional and even international perspective, constitutes a dominant competitive advantage that offers us the possibility to design and implement solutions efficiently adapted to our clients’ needs. Combining powerful strategic and operational experience we are able to offer high quality expertise in a cost effective way. Through our products and consulting services we deliver pragmatic, high impact solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Having a core understanding of the gaming customer, the marketplace and competitor offerings we can guarantee our ability to solve the many challenges faced by our clients. Our integrity is paramount.

The Slot Academy provides knowledge for Management of Slot Departments and/or those involved in operating Slot Machines, on how to anticipate and respond effectively to the growth of the Casino competition and technological advancements. With its Principle Mr. Lucien Wijsman who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, brings clarity and innovation to Casino operations and has aided many different Casinos in 17 countries, including Europe’s Top Casinos. Training courses have a strong Process Approach and are based on the principles of Total Quality Management (following the logic of the ISO 9000 standards).



150_75_eng.jpgExhibitions, Events, Emotions...

The main goal of Inter Expo Center’s team has always been to develop the already acclaimed exhibitions and, at the same time, to realise ideas and concepts for new events, related to the priority field of development of the Bulgarian and world economy, giving them power for business. Inter Expo Center (IEC) – Sofia is hosting the biggest international and local congresses, trade exhibitions, as well as every significant event conducted in Sofia. 
Using appropriate visual transformations IEC builds vivid, contemporary and ever-changing portrait of the congress halls and creates the needed atmosphere for the participants and the audience. IEC-Sofia is a proud member of UFI-the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry и CEFA-the Central European Fair Alliance.
Brussels based law firm Pharumlegal operates a dedicated practice that provides highly specialised legal and strategic advice as well as EU Public Affairs on EU regulated markets, including a.o. Lotteries & gambling and EU sports law.


Media Partners

ghe_logo2.jpg is an resource with independent bookmakers reviews, comparison of deposit methods and all the tools you need to search and find the professional bookmakers. Find the best bookmakers reviews around the world in different languages. Stay focused on predictions and enjoy betting.
ghe_logo2.jpg Casino Careers, LLC is the leading talent acquisition company for the Gaming-Hospitality/Technology Industry - serving land and sea-based casino-resorts, tribal enterprises, regulatory agencies, vendors/suppliers, iGaming, etc.  Thousands of employees have been placed worldwide in entry-level to executive positions in every discipline. Employers subscribe to post opportunities on the Casino Careers Job Board, or to initiate a consulting service, such as a salary assessment/survey, resume pre-screening, etc.  Job Seekers can post a resume for free in open access or confidential format and apply directly to posted career opportunities.  They can also subscribe for fee-based Resume Enhancement or Resume Rewrite services.
Casino Life & Business Magazine aims to uncover the veil and reveal from behind the scenes of this business, being a bridge between the world ofthe casinos and the great public. The magazine, the first of its kind, is the promoter of the casino and gambling industry in Romania, each edition comprising sections dedicated to gambling locations in the country, tofamous international casinos, to games, history, on-line casinos, cruise ships. Great players, public figures, people who make the difference in today’s business world, will share, in the interview section, their experiences and opinions related to the fascinating world of casinos. The magazine also addresses matters with business profile, finances, economical tendencies, investments, entrepreneurship, successful stories. Casino Life & Business Magazine is bilingual (ROMANIAN/ENGLISH) issued once every month. Casino Life & Business Magazine is "Best iGaming Press in the Region". is the leading Australian casino portal for local news, exclusive promotions, suitable banking methods as well as in-depth opinion and analysis. It is operated by one of the oldest affiliate groups in the industry.
International Casino Review is an award winning periodical dedicated to servicing the business requirements of the global casino industry. With sections dedicated to Europe, Asia and Oceania, Africa and the Middle East, North America and South America, International Casino Review provides insightful news coverage to match its global print and digital circulation. The 'next generation' International Casino Review website provides a 24/7 news service for the global casino industry sector – with sections dedicated to casino, interactive, sectors, markets, business and technology news together with provocative incisive opinion, analysis, interviews and much more. The International Casino Review website and integrated social media channels provide suppliers with a vast array of profile and promotional opportunities. If you are a supplier to the casino sector and want to target the influencers and decision makers from casino operator organisations spanning 160+ countries across the globe then make International Casino Review your media partner of choice visit – 
There’s a new emergent dynamism that’s driving a fresh vision which is sweeping through all sectors, lifting the traditional base to new levels and asking how we can entertain a gambling and gaming community better. iGaming Times reflects that vision, using a tried and tested ethos: top quality analysis, and a commercial reach that helps our partners move their business forward. Our new name signals the next step forward for the GB Media group which includes our sister titles Casino Review and Coinslot International – who combined publish almost two international gaming and gambling publications each week of the year, three daily gaming websites, and everything else that entails. There will be no gaming and gambling sector left unnoticed by I Gaming Times; it will seek to feature every element that makes this industry operate. It will be your business newspaper for the Sport-betting and I Gaming industry 

CROSS Information Agency was created in 2002. Over the years, CROSS successfully established itself on the Bulgarian media market by providing up-to-date and objective information to its readers and partners. The agency is a preferred source of information for both print and electronic media, as well as government institutions and NGOs in Bulgaria. CROSS Agency offers full media monitoring and media analysis as well. The quality of the services and the customer relations are the main reasons why companies choose CROSS as a partner, because CROSS is a partner that listens, understands and works with you in the name of your success. is the first Bulgaria recruitment service for printing companies. We work with a large number of printers, suppliers and advertising producers who trust us to hire employees. We have developed our own system of tests for professional knowledge and skills. 
EEG focuses on getting professional services regarding the East European Gaming market. News, Legal updates by region, Advertising, Marketing, Licensing and PR services for your brand's exposure in the demographic. You can count on our honest and hard work to shape and develop this part of Europe. 

Gaming Intelligence is dedicated exclusively to serving the business intelligence needs of the global interactive gaming industry. Providing timely coverage and analysis of all the developments impacting industry stakeholders, and its sister publication GIQ Magazine are an invaluable daily tool amongst key decision makers within gaming operators, national regulators, the legal and financial communities and the wider media. And with a highly regarded team of analysts possessing a wealth of knowledge in the fields of online gaming, risk management, marketing, finance and law, Gaming Intelligence is the industry's leading provider of independent, analytical and agenda-setting content.


Game SpectrumGAME SPECTRUM is an electronic magazine focused on the gaming and entertainment industry on the Balkans and in Eastern Europe. It covers various aspects of the gaming and entertainment business from new trends and technologies in the industry to regulatory issues and new market developments. Main objective of the publication is to inform timely and accurately all involved parties, including operators, manufacturers and players about news in the industry, present various opinions on current topics, introduce new products and companies. GAME SPECTRUM is oriented towards everyone involved in the gaming and entertainment business - casino operators, slot managers, gaming equipment manufacturers and distributors, legislative institutions, as well as everyone interested to keep up to date with the new developments in the industry. It is available at


Gaming & Leisure is the leading media company dedicated to the domestic and international gaming and hospitality industry for over a decade.  Gaming & Leisure’s management periodical, Community News Executive Dashboard and G&L website provide a 360 degree view of the industry with an all-encompassing strategic editorial that focuses on all facets of business, operations and technology. The private G&L Roundtable forum hosts the industry’s CXOs and principal business partners each year; among the many CXOs in attendance, the G&L Roundtable is honored to host the vast majority of gaming technology spend in North America. G&L is the media source of choice that industry decision-makers and business partners in over 45 countries rely on to make technology decisions, or discover business and operations best practices.


Focus Gaming News is a daily digital newspaper dedicated to the international gaming executives. This communication tool brings daily all main up-to-date news from the gaming and iGaming business through its newsletter, received by more than 16.000 subscribers around the world. Latest news, legislations, videos, regulations, new products, interviews to key specialists and much more will find their place at Focus Gaming News.


Kenya Details is a community website dedicated to providing free information on information in Kenya. Our free online matter contains very useful information on all related sectors/ industries in Kenya.


Login Casino is an online business portal that highlights the events of gambling industry. is a source of up-to-date and authentic information on gambling business, betting industry, e-sports and fantasy sports.
LoginCasino is a magazine for those seeking opportunities to conduct legal business or expand into new markets. LoginCasino helps to find partners and investors, to learn about new products and concepts for the gaming and entertainment sectors.
Our readers include business owners, casino operators and managers, as well as players. People involved in the gaming market, and those who study its developments.  Login Casinos is your way to success on Russian Market.

The Online Gambling Quarterly is a new kind of trade magazine for the online gambling industry. It offers trends and data-driven analyses with a focus on benchmarks and "hard" numbers.


Your Gaming Law Boutique
PLANZER LAW, the Zurich-based law boutique, provides strategic, regulatory and legal advice to companies, regulators and other stakeholders across all areas of the gaming and entertainment industry. 
Our boutique has particular expertise in EU/EEA and Swiss gaming law as well as in the implementation of compliance programmes (e.g., AML, fraud, responsible gaming). We further advise on related online, commercial, corporate and financial matters such as privacy, establishment, banking and tax. 
We represent the interests of both large corporations and start-ups. Clients profit from our tailor-made, personalised services and our excellent global network of leading gaming practitioners, regulatory authorities and scholars. is a new digital daily newspaper dedicated to the Italian gambling industry. All of the industry's elements can be found in it: Newslot, Vlt, casinos, poker, betting, bingo, lotteries, on or off-line with editorial content, articles and interviews. In you can find information about companies, international and national events. 
Our editorial board writes on business, products, legislation, marketing, management, technology and different subjects associated with the gaming sector. brings every day all the main and up-to-date news in the gambling business. History claims that the first bookmaker who made bets appeared in France at the end of the 19th century. Time proves that the demand on bets is only increasing with the centuries. is all you about the sports betting and predictions nowadays. It provides reliable bookmakers service of high quality and fair game.


RatingBet is a bookmaker resource which provides only up to date information about the bookmakers market. The advantages of using this betting platform are obvious. It’s betting right from the website, a convenient structured ranking of bookmakers, reliable and convenient possibility of withdrawal of money, and all the necessary information about the sports events and bookmakers world. offer the most flexible platform on the bookmakers market. It has a great interface and bonus site. Here you can find all you need for successful betting, detailed reviews, a list of specially selected bookmakers that has proved themselves amongst their clients, professional sport predictions that will definitely help you win.

Vending Inside concept aims in offering the vending market the instruments it needs for revealing the maturity and development of the moment. Vending Inside aims to offer an accessible and smart concept, easy to read, with information on company profiles, product presentation, analysis, articles, interviews, but it also provided the possibility to find the information you need, the technical features of certain components. This is the magazine where you can find the successful stories of those who put the mark on the industry during the last 20 years. The magazine will also reveal the dream places where the best coffee in the world was born, or the places where cash no longer exist, since the electronic payment took its place. Vending Inside is the magazine inside the vending industry that offers information, communicates messages, educates the consumers, and transmits the benefits of the vending services and products to the large audience through the direct connection of all the actors in the market. Through the following main directions, Vending Inside Magazine aims to: • Communicate the messages to all the actors in the market, to the public and to the authorities of the state • Inform the thirds upon the trends, technologies, products and services of the vending companies • Educate the consumers regarding the advantages offered by using the vending products, even if it deals with coffee machines, payment or ticketing products • Help the reader to find information on firms, products, services, so that all the technical references to be easily found and used • Transmit to the public, companies, and institutions, the benefits of any kind of the modern vending, even if it deals with machines for cold or hot products, payment or ticketing machines. All these products and services are created to make your life better


Casino Inside is a magazine that reveals the secrets of casinos and gaming halls, the world of bets and equipment manufacturers, informing its readers about the latest trends of gaming. Casino Inside presents the most important envogue casinos in Romania and abroad. It includes interviews with the most well known figures of the industry, the most captivating games, the most exciting online casinos, as well as the most important players worldwide. Casino Inside is focused on the most important events within the casino environment with exclusive interviews with the representatives of the business, sports and politics, where they talk about their evolution as players. Casino Inside provides a real support of the gaming industry in Romania. All those involved with the phenomena - from live casinos, equipment producers, and online poker players can find a helpful information for their relations with the institutions, mass media and the public.


Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions is the organizer of the International trade shows for amusement industry professionals “RAAPA EXPO” in Moscow.
Every year RAAPA EXPO gathers amusement industry professionals from all regions of Russia, CIS and foreign countries at one venue. Having gained for 20 years a serious reputation among professionals, RAAPA EXPO became a unique leading business platform in Russia which does not only demonstrate the modern entertainment equipment and attractions but also provides an opportunity to estimate directions for the further development of amusement industry.
Today RAAPA EXPO has become more than just one of the world’s leading exhibition brands in the field of amusement industry, and a platform where the policy of Russian amusement industry development is formed but also the example of the highly effective model of exhibition communications. For amusement industry specialists attending RAAPA EXPO has become nowadays an element of image and professional culture.


SlotsUp is a team of slot machine fans who collect and share all slot machine games information, free demos, the list of trusted casino for real money play and everything related to iGaming. The collection of casino slots in SlotsUp's database enumerates 3000 slot games titles and most of them are provided with video review, text review, and full feature list.



Casino LifeCasino life. A casino magazine for owners, operators, casino managers of European casinos and gaming equipment manufacturers.



Your guide. Printed and Online Buyer's Guides and Directories listing amusement machine suppliers, coin-op game manufacturers, gaming equipment suppliers, casino equipment suppliers, themepark equipment suppliers and kiosk products, machines and equipment.


Global gaming business. A division of Casino Connection International, GGB is one of the leading monthly gaming trade magazines that focus solely on the international casino gaming industry.



Gambling Insider is the premier event-driven B2B publication for the entire gaming industry. Full of current, compelling editorial, GI offers essential information to senior management worldwide, acting as an additional tool to advance their understanding of key strategic issues. Accessible to members via print, online, iPad/iPhone, Android devices, and Kindle Fire.



GI Friday is the industry’s leading free weekly news resource from the producers of Gambling Insider, providing an executive brief of the most relevant news stories across the entire gaming industry. GI Friday is available in the Apple App Store, on Google Play and via email PDF.


G3G3 Magazine. A pan-European high quality monthly magazine for the amusements and gaming operator. It sources games and gaming products from around the world and delivers them direct to you each month.



InterGame magazine provides unrivalled access to FEC and amusement arcade owners worldwide and their extensive budgets.
Established for more than 20 years, InterGame is the longest-standing magazine serving the play-to-play / coin-operated amusements sector internationally. It has an extensive, continuously updated operator database and is recognised worldwide as the leading source of news and analysis for the industry.
Established as an essential read for global gaming executives, InterGaming carries the latest headline and product news, C-level interviews, operator / supplier forums and in-depth market analysis. Published in print and digital format with multi-platform distribution, it has a global reach of 12,000+ readers. It is distributed in print at more than 15 trade shows annually.
Published bi-monthly, iNTERGAMINGi is read by thousands of online gaming executives around the globe. Each issue is full of industry news, analytical features, interviews with industry leaders and trade show reviews. It regularly includes regulatory updates and jurisdictional supplements. Each issue contains sections dedicated to the sports betting, casino gaming and affiliate sectors.
The E-PLAY Online Gambling Guide is the best source of information on the entertainment and gambling market in Eastern Europe. 16 years of presence on the      market, supported by the experience of our team of specialists as well as cooperation with partners from around the world is a guarantee of the best choice for anyone interested in terrestrial and online gambling™ is the one-stop shop for online gambling. We provide a comprehensive listing of online casino and product reviews, informative guides, headlining industry news, and innovative tools showcasing the top bonuses and promotions. A veteran of the industry,™, has been a trusted source for players and industry professionals of valuable information in the world of online casinos since 2002. We specialize in comprehensive, up-to-date reviews of secure and trusted online casinos, sportsbetting sites, lotteries, and bingo and poker sites; in-depth industry news; guides; special services and more.™ truly is "where gamblers meet".

SiGMA, the Summit of iGaming in Malta, gathers under one show affiliates, operators, solution providers and regulators. With over 300 gaming companies based in a five mile radius in Malta, it was only a matter of time before such a show kicked off. Find out more at

Yogonet is a digital newspaper dedicated to the gambling industry. On its English and Spanish editions, it brings all the information related to this sector, such as casinos, bingos, lotteries, openings, tender processes, racetracks, tournaments and legislation.


iGaming Business has been the leading specialist iGaming publisher and information provider to the iGaming sector through magazines, events, websites and intelligence for over 13 years. With over 16,000 operators, vendors and affiliates regularly reading their information off-line and 75,000 online, iGaming Business is leading publisher in the sector.


CASINO-PERÚ Magazine, with more than 16 years of experience, has demonstrated to be the leading the written media in the entertainment industry in Perú and Latin America. Since its beginning CASINO-PERÚ has contributed towards the development and unification of the entertainment industry. With the experience gained we took a next step to produce the books Tourism and Game for Chile, Colombia and Perú since 2010. CASINO-PERÚ is  represented in many Latin American countries and at the world´s most important Shows and conferences, its unique strategy of success being its high quality content and the direct distribution to businessmen, as well as financial and governmental institutions.
World Casino Directory News reaches over 60,000 unique visitors a month — and our readership is primarily industry professionals, C Level Executives, finance professionals, gaming conglomerates, and private equity groups who regularly search for investment potentials — as well as players keeping up with the best and newest trends in the world of gaming. Our news site is unique in the industry and provides our media partners with dynamic access to those gaming professionals and players.
5 Star delivers a cross-platform news experience with comprehensive coverage and industry-leading news, articles, interviews and business analysis for the interactive gaming industry.

Yogonet is a division of b2b Media Group - one of the leading business news and information organizations, recognized for its authority, integrity and accuracy, which provides a broad range of business information, news and services. The site incorporates the entire news flow in the economic and financial sphere. Daily the web portal accumulates over 300 news - in Bulgarian and English language. b2b Media organizes business events on a monthly basis – including discussions, conferences and business competitions.


Soloazar is a digital newspaper specialized in the gaming industry. For 14 years, more than 12,000 subscribers receive the main news of the sector every day through the newsletter in its two versions: Latin America (in Spanish) and International (in English), where they also find all the coverage of the most important events ( SAGSE Buenos Aires, SAGSE Panama, Peru Gaming Show, Juegos Miami, G2E Las Vegas, ICE London, Feria Internacional del Juego in Madrid, Expojoc, Brazilian Gaming Congress in Sao Paulo, FADJA Colombia and CGS in Mexico). In addition, SoloAzar has presence in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Flipbord and Google+.


iMoneySlots is the place where the true player is able to find all information for the exciting gambling: the reviews of online slot games, casino software providers, rules, tips and strategies. The pages of the website include useful content about the cutting-edge online casinos and its ratings.


Today, the G3 brand encompasses two websites, three digital publications, annual market reports, Apps for iOS and Android, tri-weekly email newsletters and independent market research through the domain. In total, G3 now has the largest international footprint of any gaming industry title. Readers can reach G3 through Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook; daily online news service reaches 6,509 unique readers per day and supplies market research and independent gaming analysis to gaming executives around the globe 24/7.


Gaming Agenda segments its contact network to build a new concept in media communication focused on events, expos, conferences, business meetings and congresses all over the world; this service intends to promote your company in markets, regions and audiences that you haven´t reached yet, through innovative services and products.
Gaming Agenda is a part of Latam Media Group.
CoinPoint: The premier Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Agency
CoinPoint is a knowledge and services agency focused on catering various Blockchain, fin tech and crypto currencies markets around the world. Established in 2013, we have built strong global network of partners, suppliers and clients in multiple sectors to provide all needed services in the market. 
Main activities:
• Turn key solution agency for crypto currencies operations – marketing and consultation services.
• Own and operate more than 50 crypto related assets online.
• Acts as a bridge to connect 3rd part services with customers
• Market Education using info sharing, articles, videos, interviews and conferences.
Gioco News is a very complete gaming network with a monthly review (Gioco News, with its 100 pages, is the only Italian magazine with a section in English language and the only gaming review delivered abroad, not only in Italy) with a daily-news online - – the point of reference for the gambling industry, and two other specific online daily news dedicates to the Poker and Casinos worlds.
It is the only Italian newspaper dedicated to the world of poker and it is a point of reference for the operators of the field and for the players.

Online tok-bg is online magazine for Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Technology, Bulgaria ( The magazine has ISSN 2535 - 0447 and is published by Bulgarian and foreign scientists, lecturers and researchers in the field of textiles, clothing  and technology. Editorial team of empowered individuals from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Egypt and Turkey. The site publishes research papers, reports, new books and magazines, information about upcoming and past exhibitions, fairs, conferences, workshops, seminars, fashion shows and trends all in Ready-made clothes, knitwear, machines, equipment, standards, accessories, furniture and chemical materials and  information about  business models as well as other events in the field of textiles, clothing, leather and technology. The purpose of the magazine is inform, reflect and popularize Bulgarian and foreign scientific papers, studies, reports and more  materials.


Gambler’s Post ( is a dedicated news and networking portal in the online gambling industry which features news, opinions, interviews as well as product and software reviews. Gambler’s Post focuses on the Easter European countries, but covers the rest of the world too. B2B and B2C news, along with sportsbook, casino, poker and fantasy games content, compiled by writers with more than 20 years of experience in the field can be found here. Unique articles and reviews approach the industry from an alternative and fresh view.


Launched in 2005 as a premium quality, strictly editorially led B2B publication for the Casino, Gaming and iGaming sectors, CGi quickly established itself globally as one of the most respected and well-read publications in the industry which eventually saw the publication being named as Magazine of the Year at the 2011 International Gaming Awards.
Officially supported by the industry's leading associations, commissions, governments, providers and events, CGi continues to reflect on the variety of corporate policies, methods and styles informed by contrasting cultures and customs, to illustrate the industry’s growing global character and development across established, consolidating and newly emerging markets.
GA is one of the biggest and most innovative news website available in Belgium and Holland. Their goal is to inform and write as much as there is to know about the online gambling industry. Reviews, tips, news, special offers and more. 


CasinoNews.Today provides daily information from wide world of gaming. Our team does everything to ensure that you get the best and reliable news. We know how important it is to be the first to know, we also know the consequences of not having information on time. That’s why we cooperate with numerous companies associated with the casino business in order to provide first-hand news on multitude of topics.
Our goal is to provide views, comments and statements that come directly from the source, so that our readers can see the bigger picture.


MyDearDrone provides you with all the vital information about drones such as reviews, articles, video, guide, technical help in one place but presented in a structured way so you will able to find the right information efficiently and will able to understand it.



Since its launch 7 years ago, Fortunaweb became the largest Hungarian language news portal on gambling. The site covers all kinds of gambling including lottery, sportsbook, poker, casino, VLT’s, scratch card as well as supplying information on the Hungarian and the international gambling industry. Fortunaweb started its Romanian and English versions a few months ago, and a Serbian version is also under development.



Balkan Media Group is a company dedicated to deliver sport media content in the Balkan region. We operate several well-established sport news portals in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania.
With sports medias merging across Europe, we believe Balkan is the one of the next regions to see growth and potential within these areas. With living standard quickly catching up to main Europe and more money to spend, advertising should rise in numbers and make for good opportunities with increased traffic, sales and revenues.