The National Polytechnic Museum

The National Polytechnic Museum is the only museum in Bulgaria that collects, studies, preserves and presents the development of technics, science and technologies that has influenced the life in our country. Over 1000 exhibits are displayed in the permanent exhibition. Only here one can see three-wheel Messerschmitt KR 174; 1928 Ford Model A; old motorcycles; a wooden bicycle; an unique collection of mining lamps; equipment for producing rose oil; a rich collection of pocket clocks. There are also radio and television receivers, sound recorders, phones, musical instruments. The Bulgarian contribution to the development of computing equipment is also presented here – the first Bulgarian microcomputer IMCO – an analogue of “Apple II Plus”, calculator ELKA6521 – the fourth one produced in the world and the first that includes the rooting function.The museum is a place, where people can spent pleasant and useful hours with their families, relatives or friends.